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Collection Schedule

Trash pickup is on Mondays. Please have your trash out to the curve by 8 am.
If a Holiday falls on Monday, trash will be picked up on Tuesday.

Acceptable Items

• Household garbage - 40 lbs. per bag limit
• Shipping Peanuts must be placed in a plastic bag and tied securely.
• Household batteries manufactured after 1997 contain no hazardous waste and can be disposed of in the trash.

Unacceptable Items

• Yard Waste (can be picked up for a fee)
• Chemicals
• Paint
• Prescription and Over the Counter Medicines. Do not flush medicine down the sink or toilet. This pollutes water and negatively affects fish, wildlife, drinking water supplies, septic systems, and sewage treatment plants. Dispose of medication in the medicine drop-off box at the Town Hall.


The Town of Marshall strongly encourages recycling, as it promotes a clean environment and reduces the cost of processing refuse.

Please recycle the following at your nearest recycling center, (for Marshall residents, the nearest recycling center is at the intersection of Walnut Creek Road and Highway 25/70):

• glass
• corrugated cardboard
• mixed paper
• milk bottles
• water and soft drink bottles
• aluminum cans
• metal